Harvest Time in Niigata


Filmed during the course of October and November 2010 in Niigata, 'Harvest time in Niigata' provides a fascinating insight into the busiest of seasons for the Nishikigoi breeders of the area. During its 2 hour run time the DVD features some of the best harvests that occur at this time with some of Japan's finest Nishikigoi including, Jumbo Koi and Sansai at Isa, Yonsai at Marudo, Jumbo Koi at Torazo, Jumbo Koi at Ikarashi Kazuto, Jumbo Koi at Marusei, Jumbo Koi at NND, The harvest of hobbyist Masao Kato's ponds, Yonsai and Gosai at Yagenji and Yonsai and Gosai at Hiroi. In addition it includes video of all the major winners at the Ojiya and Nagaoka Shows, and a full report and all the major winners at the 2010 50th Niigata Nogyosai Show.