Microbe Lift

In 1976, Ecological Laboratories began producing Microbe Lift, our one-of-a kind formula for use in a broad spectrum of applications in the agricultural, industrial and wastewater treatment fields. It became clear that with a little tweaking, what these bacterial formulations do on a large scale for commercial use can also be valuable on smaller scale applications such as ornamental ponds and water gardens. That is why, in the 1998, Ecological began packaging Microbe Lift for the individual consumer. Now this commercial grade product is solving an even broader range of environmental problems. Currently, Microbe Lift products are the most sought after product for water quality, clarity and overall Koi and Pond maintenance. Microbe Lift PL ( Clean & Clear ) is the #1 water clarifier asked for by name.

Just like most cities and towns have recycling programs to reduce the amount of solid waste for disposal, nature has been doing it’s own version of recycling since time began. It does this because it is necessary to return the basic building blocks of life back into the biosphere in order to sustain life. Bacteria are nature’s recyclers and Ecological Laboratories produces Microbe Lift, one of the world’s best bioaugmentation products that allow nature to keep up with new, manmade compounds and also concentrations of pollutants that are higher than what would normally occur in nature. This unique product is made up of a special formula of beneficial bacteria, which, when introduced to a polluted area, immediately begins to reproduce and to degrade the compounds in the water or soil that cause pollution and its resulting bad odors and damage to the environment. Microbe Lift products clean the environment, getting rid of pollutants in an all-natural way by breaking them down to their basic elements and returning them to the biosphere. Because Microbe Lift products are also biodegradable and non-toxic, they are safe to use around humans, pets and wildlife. They are truly some of the most environmentally friendly products available. Ecological Laboratories uses outside testing labs for independent analysis of our products. Product testing and monitoring is done regularly as an important part of our quality control process, and our concern for quality assurance. If you have any questions about the Microbe Lift products, please feel free to contact us.

Amerika’s meest gevraagde merknaam in bacteriën voor vijver- en oppervlakte waterbehandeling is Microbe Lift. Maar waarom is Microbe-Lift anders dan andere biologische vijverproducten? Er zijn een aantal belangrijke verschillen die ervoor zorgen dat Microbe-Lift superieur is ten opzichte van andere bacteriële producten. De voordelen van Microbe Lift bacterien zijn, bacteriën zijn eenmaal in de vijver zeer snel werkzaam, bacteriën worden gekweekt in de fles waarin het wordt verkocht. De reden hiervoor is dat de organismen afhankelijk van elkaar groeien. Het is eigenlijk een “ecosysteem in een flesje”,bevat fotosynthetische bacteriën welke zeer nuttig zijn om de ecologie van uw vijver in balans te brengen. Deze bacteriën kunnen zonlicht gebruiken als energiebron en daarbij het werk verlichten van de aërobe heterotrofe bacteriën en besparen u veel tijd in het onderhoud van de vijver omdat de bacteriën het werk doen. Microbe Lift heeft een groot assortiment aan filterstart en onderhoudsbacteriën voor verschillende toepassingen. Heeft u vragen over de verschillende producten van Microbe Lift, laat het ons dan weten.